About Me…

Once upon a time I had lots of fun, first as a reporter and later as a freelance copywriter, then a journalist. I also slogged through some fun-challenged years at two of the world’s largest ad agencies and two of the smallest. All this followed four yin yang years at Syracuse University.

Does this journey add up to the good life? Sort of. But what I really appreciate is the fact that, along the way, I had a chance to form a bunch of biases that gets bigger every day.

If you share some of them, even one of them, great. If you can’t stomach them, tell me about it. Most important, let the fun begin. —Shell Lessen


5 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Once upon a time in the early 1970s there was an ad agency called Polymedia. And part of the agency’s freelance team was a creative copy writer named Shel Lessen. Is this the same Sheldon Lessen that worked with Lee Triggs and Bob Dockery to write brilliant ad copy for the FlyAway Bus, Sir Speedy, Souther California Visitors Council and more?
    If it is, Shel, it’s great to know that you’re still “Booming” and still having fun. I’ll have blast catching up and telling you about the long shot of how I found your name.


  2. What a beautiful piece about a beautiful girl, Erin. Thanks for bringing attention to With Hope and the need to reach out to a teen who may be keeping feelings inside. And to Parents, pay attention to what your teens are doing on the internet.

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